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Now presenting Drum Jeans

Drummers, described as the core of any band, providing the beat the band plays to. It looks like fun to play but we don’t see the hassle the drummer and his band mates go through lugging the equipment around with them everywhere they go.

But that is all changing thanks to one gifted 17 year old. Aseem Mishra from Hymers College has designed the world’s first pair of Drum Jeans. 

The concept is simple; it is a pair of jeans that double up to become a fully functional drum kit. Hidden in the fabric of the jeans are little sensors that create drumming sounds when lightly tapped on. Different parts of the drum kit are represented on different parts of his legs. Aseem has even used the Drum Jeans whilst performing live with his band. 

Aseem said he came up with the idea for the jeans whilst tapping his leg after loading up his drums after a gig and thought “why don't I see if I can put a drum kit in my trousers." 

And now the Drum Jeans have been recognised nationally and Aseem has recently won the “Young Engineer of the Year” award for his Drum Jeans. 

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