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Product of The Week

Electronics Weekly announce a product of the week in each issue, this week, Product of The Week has gone to CREE. CREE has introduced a smaller surface-mount of power LED’s, competing with Lumileds’Luxeon Rebel. Dubbed XP-E and XP-c and measuring 3.45mm square by 2mm high.

CREE said “these LEDs have the smallest footprint in the history for lighting-class LEDs, providing the same lighting performance and reliability as XR-E and XR-C LEDs in an 80% smaller package.

Viewing angle is 115 degrees, compared with 90degrees for white XR-Es, suggesting new optics will be required for best performance. The XP-C has a similar die and correspondingly different characteristics compared with the XP-E- a similar situation to the existing XR-C and XR-E.

XP devices have unlimited floor life before reflow soldering if sorted at below 30degrees and 85degrees relative humidity. Applications for the LEDs are foreseen in backlighting, signage, outdoor, indoor and portable lighting.

What do you think of this choice for product of the week?