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Robots at School?

Now I’m guessing that you have seen robots in movies?
But I’m also guessing these movies are set in the future?
Well a High School in San Diego has taken a step into future.

The pupils at High Tech High in San Diego are being taught how to build robots in their daily classes. And these robots are top of line machines as RJ Sheppard explains. RJ Sheppard is the student and proud designer of the Daisy May. Daisy May is a robot that measures up to your waist, scooping balls off the ground and projecting them into a bin.

Earlier this year RJ Sheppard entered her daisy May into the worlds first Robotics Competition for School students. Unfortunately Daisy May didn’t win but she reach the Semi Finals, which is a pretty good accomplishment in itself. Now this year RJ is working her new robot for this year’s competition that can play soccer whilst maneuvering around an obstacle course.

But some people have discredited this school claiming that the pupils aren’t receiving a proper education. This people want to know what is being replaced in the pupils schedule to make time for these robotics lessons.
These critics are claiming that High Tech High isn’t teaching the core subjects that children need to learn.

But I ask you this.

Have you ever needed to use anything that you learned in school classes such as mathematics or science?

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