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PCB Design

Do you have the internal resources or required skills to design your PCBs?

Are your current suppliers delivering the quality product that you expect?

The experience and processes we have in place ensures that no fine detail is missed and that you receive the quality PCB design that your company deserves.

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Library Management

Are your CAD libraries being consistently designed?

Are they being managed by engineers whose time would be more effectively utilised in completing other tasks?

We have the necessary experience and processes in place to manage your CAD libraries, with only a final approval needed from you prior to use of any new parts.

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Value Engineering

Does your product cost too much to manufacture?

Are you experiencing reliability issues?

We have the expertise needed to review your product to optimise your design and manufacturing costs.

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Why Outsource?

How do you resolve your resource issues for increased project demands? Have you ever wondered about the benefits of outsourcing your design/development?

Outsourcing offers flexibility, expertise and cost management. The key is to find the right company who will partner with your engineers and management, becoming part of the design team.

Outsourcing would give you instant access to experienced PCB designers & Engineers.


Benefits of outsourcing Design include:

  • Allowing a business to focus on core activities
  • Reducing costs through a reduction in full-time employees
  • Quantifying task costs
  • Having access to the latest technology and expertise
  • Increasing capacity for growth
  • Making the company more flexible to change

Choose Quantum as your Design Partner

By outsourcing to Quantum CAD, you can expect an unrivalled service of efficiency, quality and dedication to the task, knowing that your PCB development is in good, safe hands.

Project Management

We will also manage any external suppliers that may be required to fulfil the requirements of the project.

The complete project will be managed via our PDM system, Keeping track of design changes, suppliers, design files, documentation and most importantly, time and cost.


CONFIDENTIALITY – Intellectual property (IP)

Protection of your IP is critical and you need to be certain that you can trust your design partner.

Quantum CAD provides protection for you via confidentiality agreements to ensure that your intellectual property is kept confidential at all times and that you retain the IP for your product.