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Your Complete Library Management Services


  • Can’t find part so its re-created
  • Can’t verify in 3D
  • Cant integrate with other processes
  • Don’t have time
  • Duplicate libraries
  • Errors in production
  • Inconsistent BOM
  • No QA / Standards


  • Expertise
  • ISO approved process
  • Modelling
  • QA
  • Single parts db
  • Standards
  • Technology


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased profit
  • Increased quality
  • Increased yield
  • Less failures
  • Reduced development costs
  • Reduced production costs

Library Management Services

The trend for PCB outsourcing has been on the increase. The reduction of PCB design expertise within internal development teams has meant the role of Library Management has been passed on to other team members, E.g. Mechanical Engineers, hardware engineers and project managers.

Without an experienced Library Management expert controlling your library, duplication, no verification and subsequently poor quality occurs. Failing PCBs, more rework and fault finding results in increased costs. Does this sound familiar?

Library Management Symbol
Library Management Footprint

Part Library Management is the foundation of all electronic design; it is one of the first pieces of the electronic design puzzle. Unfortunately Part Library Management is not the most exciting of tasks. Which means mistakes will happen. If the schematic or PCB symbol is wrong, it does not matter how good your designs are, the PCBs will not work. This will result in increased manufacturing and development costs.

Part Library Management is not just about schematic and PCB symbols.

Do we need to verify in 3D? Do we need to perform thermal analysis? Do we need to perform circuit or SI verification? Should part costs, minimum order quantities and lead times be available to help the choice of correct parts?

Help is at hand

Quantum offers an in-depth library management service that is tailored to your unique requirements. Our library management process is ISO9001:2008 approved so you can be confident that what we deliver will be correct. We can significantly speed up your library creation process. We are creating parts every day. We have invested in technology and processes that allow us to create qualified library elements. Because we are performing this function day in day out, we may already have the part, schematic symbol or footprint that you need.

  • Our service can reduce your overall design costs.
  • We pride ourselves on our Library Management Service: We don’t do quick and dirty, we do ‘Quality’.
Quantum Library Management Footprint

Why use our Library Management Service?

  • All full library parts contain schematic symbol and associated IPC7351A footprint speeding up the schematic-capture-based design flow and enabling schematic circuit checking, BOM (bill of material) generation, and automated board test and simulation.
  • Symbols and footprints are built to your specifications or IPC7351A where applicable, ensuring optimal mechanical and electrical performance of the components and the board.
  • Symbols and footprints are delivered in such a way that they can be easily imported directly into your CAD system, saving you time and money.
  • The Library Management Service can also be linked with CXInsight, our e-Collaboration platform. This environment provides a single location for collaborating on your library data. Library creation requests can be created on line and the status of these requests reviewed at any time. Merging of libraries is not required as your data is always in sync. We deliver the complete library structure ready for you to use. This methodology reduces library development time by removing merging processes, increasing library data quality thereby reducing product development time and manufacturing costs.

What Our Customers Say

  • Communicating with Quantum CAD was straightforward; the changes were implemented quickly with no hassles. The finished board was better than we expected… Once we gave the approval to start the PCB layout, the job was completed to our satisfaction and within our time frame.
    Senior Development Engineer, CEM Systems
  • We have been using Quantum CAD’s services as an extension of our own CR-5000 PCB Design facility and have found them to have a very professional approach to all aspects of PCB design and are keen to form a sound working/business relationship to enable both parties to benefit. This helps to reduce the liaison time when undertaking design tasks. They are always our first port of call whenever we have a design overload within our PCB Design department.
    Senior PCB Designer, Renishaw PLC
  • We have found the service Quantum CAD provides to be of a high level and we are particularly pleased with their engineers’ flexibility and availability …Quantum CAD has shown good commitment in helping us reach our scheduled targets by making enough manpower available to complete the task in the required time.
    Project Leader, Panasonic Communications Co. (UK) Ltd
  • It has always been necessary for Panasonic to have support of the highest quality and we recognise Quantum CAD as a reliable, diligent and professional company that have always been prepared to extend themselves around tight timescales.
    Principal PCB Designer C.I.D, Panasonic Mobile Communications
  • We have used Quantum CAD for many years now and they have consistently provided us with an excellent PCB design service. They have always demonstrated a high level of skill, experience and flexibility, while constantly meeting the tight schedules we often require.
    Principle Engineer, E2V
  • We have been working with Quantum CAD from the outset of the development of our product. They researched the manufacturing requirements for PoP technology and engaged with PCB and CEMs from the outset. From the first prototype build, we had a product that was ready for production. I would not hesitate in recommending Quantum CAD PCB Design services to anyone.
    Director Device Engineering