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Your Specialist PCB Design Service

PCB Design Services

If you’re looking for a PCB design service that’s dependable and thorough, delivered by PCB design engineers with years of experience, you’re in the right place.

We’re problem solvers by nature, and it’s our goal to fit our work to your need. And with our eReview online system, you can have better communication, transparency and input at every stage of your project.

We have collectively gained over 100 years of PCB design experience, having worked across a number of sectors including military, medical, autosport, rail and telecoms. The designs we have worked on have reached global audiences and changed the world. Between the Quantum team, we have a mix of skills that make us the ideal choice for your PCB design project.

Our PCB design expertise:

PCB design

Mentor Graphics
Zuken Software

Problems we solve

  • 3D requirements
  • Creepage & clearance
  • EMC
  • High speed / skew
  • Power integrity
  • Resource / expertise
  • Signal integrity
  • Thermal


Solutions we create

  • 3D model/height
  • Design rule driven
  • Experience
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes.
  • Process
  • Simulation
  • Standards
  • Tools


Results we achieve

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased manufacturing yields
  • Increased profit
  • Reduced design iterations
  • Reduced design time
  • Reduced product failures
  • Shorter time to market


Design Expertise


High layer count Single sided to 16+ Layers
Advanced Technologies Flip-chip, Package on Package (PoP), embedded components
Advanced component technologies PCI, PCIe, PCI104, DDR 2,3 and 4
High Density Interconnect (HDI) Track widths and gaps down to .075mm, utilising microvias (standard and buried).
Flexible Circuits From single sided to multilayer high speed flexi / flexi-rigid
High Speed / Sensitive tracking Length control, length matching, Impedance control (Differential and Single ended), skew etc.
Signal Integrity Analysis Pre & post layout analysis of sensitive signals to ensure optimum electrical performance.
RF/Microwave Design GSM, GPS, Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiMax, GPRS, UMTS, Edge and LTE
Thermal Combatting thermal issues by using good layout techniques and thermal analysis if required
Power Integrity Analysis Evaluation of power planes to ensure optimum power stability & delivery
Creepage & Clearance Ensuring designs conform with IPC-2221 & UL60950-1 safety standard if required.
EMC Using good design principles to optimise the design for EMC


PCB example

Quality is at the heart of everything we do – from our wealth of expertise, impeccable processes, extensive software and bespoke customer service.

We understand the importance of being flexible, consistent and transparent to ensure that every project is a success. After all, our goals are the same as our clients – to get a high-quality end product shipped on time, on budget.

Our team can accommodate almost any request – be it short turnaround times, working on site with your team or real-time collaboration across multiple locations.

The global business environment puts more and more pressure on our customers to stay competitive – bringing their ever more complex products to market faster whilst improving design productivity is essential to success.

Rapid advances in technology and product development lead to shorter and more demanding product development cycles.

Quantum offers a Rapid PCB Design service to alleviate some of that pressure and to help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

We can guarantee short turn-around times for any size of board, complex or simple, single sided or multi-layer, by utilising the latest PCB design technology on the market and working a shift system to ensure 24/7 design when required.

Quantum can provide design resource whether it is working from our own offices in Port Talbot and Plymouth or if necessary, working at our clients’ sites. Quite often a combination of the two is a good solution.

We find that our eReview environment provides tangible benefits to all our customers, helping to resolve any design queries, conducting on-line design reviews, and allowing customer input for critical circuits in real time.
This all saves time, which in turn reduces costs and even helps with environmental issues as there is no real need for travel.

Our expertise in the PCB design market today enables us to advise our clients on the best products for their particular situation.

As well as offering advice, we can install the software, set up the component libraries and provide full training both in general PCB design and in the specific design solutions our clients purchase.

Our consultancy services range from answering questions about manufacturability and cost-effectiveness to assisting clients with new industry requirements and legislation.

Our consultancy services include:

  • CAD Software selection based on your requirements
  • CAD system setup
  • Library setup
  • General procedures

Our training services include:

  • Altium Design
  • Cadstar
  • Pads
  • Allegro
  • Training tailored to suit your needs.

We can arrange and manage the manufacturing process on your behalf, to provide a full turnkey solution if required. This would free you to concentrate on your core business activities and reduce your supplier count.

Why choose us?

  • Over 100 years of PCB Design experience.
  • Trusted by high profile clients including McLaren, Red Bull, E2V and Bosch.
  • Extensive software and expertise delivering thousands of PCB design projects.
  • Impeccable processes ensure that your design is shipped on time and on budget.
  • Bespoke customer service – speak directly to an engineer from the moment you contact us.
  • Real-time collaboration available across multiple locations.

What Our Customers Say

  • We have been working with Quantum CAD from the outset of the development of our product. They researched the manufacturing requirements for PoP technology and engaged with PCB and CEMs from the outset. From the first prototype build, we had a product that was ready for production. I would not hesitate in recommending Quantum CAD PCB Design services to anyone.
  • We have used Quantum CAD for many years now and they have consistently provided us with an excellent PCB design service. They have always demonstrated a high level of skill, experience and flexibility, while constantly meeting the tight schedules we often require.
    Principle Engineer, E2V
  • Quantum CAD have produced the majority of our Library parts over the past few years, generating high quality models to our specification. They have been instrumental in developing a process to manage the information exchange between both parties to make this service possible and we have been very pleased with the results, both in quality and delivery.
    Principle Engineer, E2V
  • Quantum CAD completed the project in a professional manner and interacted with both pcbportal and our clients effectively. Despite incomplete information, Quantum CAD delivered upgraded Gerber files to project completion date. Our customer was happy and we have pencilled in future projects for Quantum CAD to work on.
    Quality Manager,
  • We have been using Quantum CAD’s services as an extension of our own CR-5000 PCB Design facility and have found them to have a very professional approach to all aspects of PCB design and are keen to form a sound working/business relationship to enable both parties to benefit. This helps to reduce the liaison time when undertaking design tasks. They are always our first port of call whenever we have a design overload within our PCB Design department.
    Senior PCB Designer, Renishaw PLC
  • Quantum CAD designed the PCBs for our diabetes insulin patch pump and its wireless touchscreen user interface. This was the first time we’ve outsourced PCB design and Quantum CAD worked closely with us and our contract equipment manufacturer (CEM) to enable us to bring quickly to market the world’s smallest diabetes pump. Both PCBs are high density, in that they have high component counts on small form factor boards. Of particular note, the designs include 0.4mm pitch ball grid array (BGA) packaged devices and package-on-package (POP) technology. Quantum CAD’s engineers took these technologies in their stride, whilst maintaining great superb awareness. The result: the highest-yield, lowest-cost PCBs. Quantum CAD also took full responsibility of PCB (component) library development and ensured the correct revisions of files were available between all parties; using the web-based CXInsight PLM platform. Accordingly, design reviews were managed – and technical queries resolved – promptly and efficiently. We found Quantum CAD to be extremely enthusiastic, capable and knowledgeable, and they were perfect partner on such an important project.
    Project Leader, Cellnovo


Case Study


PCB Design – Power Control

Project: Our client’s goal was to develop a customised processor card. It required matched impedances technologies and small component packaging to meet form factor requirements.

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PCB Design – Blood Glucose Manager

Project: Our client’s goal was to reduce the burden of managing diabetes on a day to day basis.  The product features a pump, wirelessly connected to an app based touch screen handset.

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PCB Design – High Speed Flexi

Project: Our client’s goal was to develop a flexi rigid that would cater for high speed and power signals while meeting all resistance, crosstalk and mechanical requirements.

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