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A technological Religion

When we look up the definition of religion we find it described in the dictionary as a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices. But now there is a new religion that is putting the definition of religion to the test. Its name is Kopimism.

The Church of Kopimism believes that the act of kopyacting, (which is sharing information through copying), is Kopimisms equivalent of a religious service.

Kopimism was founded in 2010 by 19 year old Isak Gerson, who has now become the leader of the Kopimism faith. One of his main hopes is that file-sharing will now be given the same religious protection as any other religious practice. One of the ways Isak is looking to cement Kopimism as a major religion is by the induction of its sacred symbols which are CTRL+C and CTRL+V which are the shortcuts for copy and paste on a keyboard.

Isak has outlined the beliefs of Kopimism which all of the members hold close to their hearts. In the Church of Kopimism information is valued very Holy and the art of copying is one of their sacraments.

So in the Church of Kopimism copying is central for the organization and its members.


But what do you think?

Should file copying be given the same rights to be a religion as Christianity or other religions?

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