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Library Management: Defence


Our client’s goal was to increase product yields within PCB assembly and leverage the design anywhere manufacture anywhere (DAMA) paradigm.



  • Ensure all footprints were created to the required standard and rules and naming conventions.
  • Integration of both companies to facilitate the footprint request process and data security.
  • Traceability of all information.



  • Creation of specification detailing IPC standard that each footprint should confirm to, outline widths for each layer used, attributes required for each footprint.
  • IPC7351A compliant footprints for high density packaging and allow global manufacturing capability.
  • Rigorous QA
  • Utilisation of our e-Collaboration platform CX Insight to control footprint requests, exchange of data and full traceability.



  • Increase in assembly yields regardless of manufacturer.
  • High quality library providing consistent documentation.
  • 3D verification of all designs.


What our customer said

“Quantum CAD have been providing a first class service for all our PCB footprints. Manufacturing yields has improved tenfold with a zero defect footprint rate.  Due to our business area, security of data transfer was paramount to any outsourcing activity. The adoption of their e-Collaboration platform has been instrumental in  the success of their service offering”.

— Development Manager