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PCB Design: Blood Glucose Manager


Our client’s goal was to reduce the burden of managing diabetes on a day to day basis.  The product features a pump, wirelessly connected to an app based touch screen handset. This handset incorporates a blood glucose meter and a mobile data connection into a slim handset to be worn by the user. The handset was designed to be as small as possible. It required HDI technologies and small component packaging to meet form factor requirements.




  • Identify required PCB design technology and manufacturing requirements for 0.4mm pitch Package On Package (POP) BGAs.
  • To ensure correct positioning of connectors and mechanical features to ensure first time fit into design enclosure.
  • To ensure that all design rules were captured and adhered to.




  • Research application and design guidelines for POP part. Discuss advantages of solder mask and non solder mask defined pads with CEM.
  • Derive HDI PCB manufacturing rules based on production quantities with PCB manufacturer.
  • Via in pad, stacked blind vias.
  • 3D modelling and analysis to ensure right first time fit into design enclosure.
  • IPC7351A compliant footprints for high density packaging and allow global manufacturing capability.



  • PCB Design developed to meet production manufacturing requirements.
  • PCB Design that met required form factor and first time fit into design enclosure.
  • PCB Design that met high speed requirements, differential impedance and skew.


What our customer said

“We have been working with Quantum CAD from the outset of the development of our product. They researched the manufacturing requirements for PoP technology and engaged with PCB and CEMs from the outset. From the first prototype build, we had a product that was ready for production. I would not hesitate in recommending Quantum CAD PCB Design services to anyone.”

— Director Device Engineering