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Product Design: Power Control


Our client’s goal was to develop a Power Contol Module (PCM) for the Autosport industry that would replace relays and circuit breakers while providing diagnostic capabilities.



  • Physical size and weight restrictions.
  • Ambient conditions due to extreme temperatures.
  • Very high currents.
  • Product lifetime requirements.
Product Development Blueprint


  • Component selection – Apart from functionality, we had to research weight, lifetime, temperature limits and current capabilities.
  • Materials that were both light enough and thermally conductive to cool the unit adequately had to be carefully researched.
  • Durability of assembled product needed to be assessed for vibration, collisions etc.
  • Design and analysis of PCB to handle continuous high currents and dissipation of heat.
  • Process and monitor 16 analogue and 14 digital inputs.


  • A clear and precise specification was created to cover all aspect of the design requirement.
  • A product that exceeded all requirements for ambient conditions.
  • A cost effective solution that met all design requirements.
  • Simplification of car wiring and a reduction in weight.
  • The start of an exciting new range of products for our client.

Winner of the “Most Innovative New Motorsport Product” from Race Tech World Motorpsort Symposium 2013.