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Product Design: Project Dignity

Product Development – Medical

A unit designed to accommodate toilet waste from bed-bound individuals in a dignified and  controlled manner for use in a sterile environment.

Project Dignity is the hygienic dignified solution that gives control back to the patient and affords nurses the time to deal with critical care issues. This system will bring dignity to the process of going to the toilet for the aged, injured or disabled in hospitals, care homes and even in the patient’s own home.

Product Development Blueprint


  • Identify clinical requirements including appropriate bacteria eliminating detergents and cleansing agents compatible with use on human tissue.
  • Identify patient needs, requirements, expectations and limitations for institution and home environments.
  • Development of costs, after sales requirements, revenue costs and savings.
  • Risk and safety issues.


  • Formulation of business plan, complete grant applications management.
  • Clinical and sanitation requirements identified via our association with the Institue of Life Sciences.
  • Storyboard techniques were used to illustrate how PD could be used by the patient, medical staff and home carers.
  • Research into electronic part, architecture, size, ergonomics and aesthetics.
  • Research with mattress manufacturers to allow smooth integration of PD and bed.
Product Development Blueprint


  • Reduced product costs due to access to specialised expertise in academia.
  •  User centric development process ensured the aims of the product were met.
  • Identification of market, financial planning and modelling.
  • IPR/Patent protection.
  • Product concept and prototype created  to meet demands of patient for hospital and non hospital use.
  • ESTnet ‘Most Innovative Product of the Year 2012’  contender.
Project Dignity