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Value Engineering : Power Unit


Our client had an automotive control unit where the major COTS part had become obsolete. A new unit with the part replaced to satisfy service and warranty responsibilities was urgently required. However the original design files had been lost and only Gerber, PDF of the schematic and BOM files were available.



  • To ensure that circuitry that was not being modified remained as close to the original as possible.
  • To ensure that all design rules were captured.
  • To ensure correct positioning of connectors and mechanical features were maintained.


  • Create, check and approve all CAD models.
  • Create, check and approve new schematic.
  • Import Gerber files to use as a template to replicate the existing placement and routing patterns.
  • Export new Gerber files and compare against originals to ensure differences were minimal.
  • Implement new part on schematic and PCB.


  • Freed up internal resources and overheads associated with hiring additional staff allowing client to focus on core business goals.
  • Reduced development/manufacturing costs leveraging re-use of approved design and extending product life.
  • Reduce costs by re-using Quantum CAD proven process and expertise.
  • Maintain service and spare part revenue stream for minimal development cost.


What our customer said

“Quantum were tasked with extending the life of our product by designing out the obsolete processor ensuring the functionality of the product remained unchanged, all this being done without the original design files! This saved time and cost that would have been incurred in redesigning the product.

They achieved a 100% error free design at the first attempt.”

— Production Manager