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Value Engineering: Scientific Equipment


Our clients marketing team identified a new requirement based on an existing product. However, the product was from an old range of equipment and the design data was archived on an obsolete CAD system. Gerber files, PDF of the schematic and a BOM were the only files available.  The client did not have the internal resource or capacity to achieve time scales required.



  • To ensure that the new design matched the old CAD design sufficiently not to alter circuit functionality, performance and invalidate product certifications.
  • To ensure that all design rules were captured.
  • To ensure correct positioning of connectors and mechanical features were maintained.


  • Create, check and approve all CAD models.
  • Create, ensuring all required electrical design rules added check and approve new schematic.
  • Import Gerber files to use as a template to replicate the existing placement and routing patterns.
  • Export new Gerber files and compare against originals to ensure differences were minimal.
  • Utilised 3D verification to ensure new design still fitted into design enclosure.


  • Internal resources maintained focus on core business goals.
  • Reduced internal overheads by outsourcing project.
  • Reduce costs by re-using Quantum CAD proven process and expertise.
  • Rapid time to market by leveraging re-use of old designs to create new product line.


What our customer said

“Outsourcing the re-engineering of our product line to Quantum CAD significantly improved our response to the market and allowed us to maintain our leadership position”

— Engineering Manager