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Now I’m guessing everyone knows who Altium are.
If you don’t know who Altium are, they are an electronics design software company, and a pretty good one to.

And at the moment everything is looking good for the guys at Altium, because their reported sales have been released and for fiscal fourth-quarter 2010 of $15.1 million, up 4% year-over-year.

Also sales for the second half of the year were up 9% to $26.2 million compared to the corresponding period a year ago, and increased 29% from the first half.

But sadly for all that is good their must be bad. Altium is no different. For all the increase in sales they have had. This has not transitioned into China. In China Altium’s sales have dropped but the guys at Altium are keeping their heads held high.

Altium CEO Nick Martin has publically come out and explained why Altium are flagging in China. “We believe that the fall in sales in China during the year reflects a petering out of our license compliance business program.”

But what do you think?

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