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  • Is Facebook playing by the rules?

    By quantum on 04/13/2012

    Social media has become the biggest thing in the world over the past couple of years, with websites such as Twitter and Facebook leading the charge. But with everything, faults will be found and people will have grievances against them. Now it seems that the authorities have found faults...

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  • Quantum is exhibiting at NEW:UK 2012

    By quantum on 04/12/2012

    Hi there, Just a shout out to say that Quantum will be exhibiting at NEW:UK 2012 from the 18-19th of April. We will exhibiting from We will be at Stand 81. We will be offering free advice on Product design, Electronic design and PCB design. We will be at...

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  • Self producing Robots

    By quantum on 04/06/2012

    Over the past 50 years the technology we use has taken huge leaps and bounds. From putting a man on the moon, to unmanned aerial vehicles. And now a leap is being undertaken. This leap is being taken by a group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The group...

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  • Gamers of Britain you may breathe again

    By quantum on 04/03/2012

    As a lot of people I’m sure are aware, over the past couple of weeks the company Game has fallen in a financial crisis. But now there is light at the end of the tunnel. And that light has come in the form of OpCapita. The purchase of Game...

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  • Swimming Robots

    By quantum on 03/15/2012

    Over the past 50 years in the world of movies the one concept that has kept audiences captivated are robots, and in the past 25 years or so robots have moved out of the big screen and into modern life. And now robots have taken the next step and are...

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