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Our Ethics

Our Ethics, Environmental and Charitable Commitments

Glaze charity for cancer 1k donationQuantum CAD has managed to raise over £1000 for GLAZE Cancer Charity. Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve our goal. By helping us to achieve our target you are also helping Glaze achieve their target of establishing a centre of excellence for Cryotherapy in the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend.

As for the race itself, it was a major success. Every member of the Quantum team, who started the race, finished the race. And finished with very credible times. With everyone finishing within two and a half hours.

If you would still like to support the GLAZE you can send your donations to

Check out some more photo’s of the run on our Facebook page

 Quantum CAD continues to support Trailwalker UK though sponsoring business client Solar Century.  As previous participants, Steve and Martin Jones know the challenges they will face and the overwhelming sense of pride they will feel afterwards.

Steve comments, “It’s a humbling walk and we would have loved to participate again this year, but my legs deserve a rest.  I’ll let Ian and his team walk on our behalf!  We are delighted to help and look forward to seeing him after the finish line.”

Quantum CAD - Green Dragon Environmental Award

Quantum has been awarded the Green Dragon for meeting demanding environmental goals, making the company the first PCB/electronic Design bureau in the UK to meet this recognised environmental standard.

The Green Dragon scheme is an initiative aimed at reducing carbon footprint. Quantum received recognition for its efforts to pioneer a greener way of doing business.

Civic Centre in Port Talbot

Over the last 3 years Quantum CAD has been supporting the Amateur Dramatic Society at Port Talbot Youth Theatre.

Left: Civic Centre in Port Talbot

Quantum CAD sponsors of a local footbal team in Port Talbot

Quantum CAD also sponsored the shirts for the local Port Talbot Youth Under 14s football team. Pictured with the under 14s squad are Martin Jones far left and Steve Jones far right.


Quantum CAD has also supported the Child Protection UK Ltd campaign to provide educational material aimed at teenagers in schools. The goal is to educate pupils on the danger of drug and alcohol abuse in young people. This campaign helps to provide an additional base of education to adolescents that is sometimes lacking in today’s society.

For more information please visit:

Trailwalk UK - Quantum CAD

Steve and Martin from Quantum CAD took part in Trailwalker UK. The challenge was to walk 100 kilometres in less than 30 hours as part of a team of four. With approximately 1,700 people taking part, they set off from the starting point, at Petersfield, on Saturday 15th to follow the South Downs Way to Brighton. The team walked through the night, barely resting until the Sunday morning, when they arrived, triumphant, at Brighton Racecourse. Only 88% of the 403 teams taking part managed to finish. All of these people were walking with the same purpose: to raise money for Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust and to have a great day out.

At the finish Steve said: “None of us have ever done anything like this before and it was a great challenge. As a team we managed to raise well over £1,000. We are quite proud of ourselves to have finished the walk in 24 hours.”

Martin added: “I would recommend it to anyone wanting to test their physical and mental stamina, friendships and torch batteries! It will also give you a huge sense of achievement.”

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