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Should Facebook allow under 13s as Mark Zuckerberg is willing to fight to change the law?

Is this really the right thing to do taking into consideration cyber bulling and who knows what kind of people are actually are on the social networking site. I understand kids these days are acting older, but we should put our foot down on this right?

Fair enough 13 and over, at that age you in comprehensive starting your new teenage life but under 13, really? All I cared for at that age was to play outside with my friends, is this just another excuse for children to spend all there time in side stuck in front of the computer.

You can ask questions like, is this educational for children but according to Mark Zuckerberg he says, “My philosophy is that for education you need to start at a really, really young age.” How young is he willing to go? We’ll end up having our 6 year on our Facebook, this can not be safe.

Who knows if the law will change, what’s your opinion?