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Pedestals in your PCB!

Recently we completed a high current PCB design, handling 1500A and we used a new technology to Quantum. The use of Pedestals.

Prior to this working closely with PCB fabricators we had tried using studs and PCBs with up to 9,000 microvias through a thin FR4 laminate bonded to IMS or thick copper.

Both these approaches were not ideal, either providing poor performance or too costly in final production.

It was then that pedestals were brought to our attention.


What is a pedestal relating to PCBs I hear you ask?Pedestal

In essence if you start with a block of copper/baseplate, then etch away the areas that you don’t need, put a dielectric into the areas that have been etched away, you then add the copper foil to make the rest of the circuit. You end up with a pedestal or column of copper.

In our application it allows us to mount components with one end on the pedestal (1500A) and the other end connected to the rest of the circuit.

Although not a cheap process, much cheaper than drilling 9000 or more vias, and far more robust.

Picture from of Bergquist.


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