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What side of the PCB is my component on?

We have completed a number of Altium designs where we have been supplied a design with critical placement completed.

However there has been a common problem.  Components have been placed on the bottom side but no layer mapping has been setup for outlines on the assembly or courtyard layers to swap.

samelayerIf you need to create an assembly drg it becomes very difficult.

As you can see in this example, the component on the right is on the bottom side but all the outlines are the same colour.

This issue can be overcome very easily by adding layer mappings in the Design/Board Layers and Colours dialogue, or just press ‘l’ on the keyboard.

Select ‘Layer Pairs’ on the bottom left. You can then add layers pairs as shown below.





differentlayerThe result is component outlines displayed on different layers depending on the side of the board they are mounted.



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