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Strategic Eyes in the Sky

Crowd control is among top issues in UK.
Since the G20 summit, officials around
the UK have been in discussions
to identify the most effective crowd control measures, especially wi
the London Olympic Games just a few years away. 

Additional security measures that have been
researched involve Unmanned Aeria
l Vehicles (UAV). UAVs were used in
the 2008 Olympic Games for crowd control and pollution monitoring.

Traditional UAVs need space to launch and land; however, as most events
are held in densely populated areas, such space becomes a problem. 

That limitation has lead Fibreflight (specialists in design,
development and production of unmanned a
erial vehicles) to join forces
with Quantum CAD (full product and PCB design firm) to develop a
Vertical Take Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (VTOL UAV) to
allow for more efficient crowd control and aerial observations…Read More.