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Now I’m sure that everyone knows what Tablet PCs are?

(For those that don’t, they are laptop PCs that usually have a touch screen or can be used with a stylus.)

Also I’m sure that everyone knows who makes tablets?

Well there are new faces in the Tablet sector and they are called Samsung and Toshiba. Yes, the two electronics industry giants are battling it out with Apple to be the number one Tablet suppliers.

But then a certain question arises. What are the differences between the three different tablets?

Well as we know, Apple’s tablet is very simple in design and is similar to the iPhone. Well Samsung’s tablet, which is called the Galaxy S, is very similar to the Apple Tablet in both design and size. Except the Galaxy S is only 7 inches in length and weighs less than the iPad. Then we have Toshiba’s offering the Toshiba Folio 100. This is slightly different to both Apple’s and Samsung’s offering as this one has a stand but looks very similar in design to both its competitors. 

So with all three competitors looking good and offering the same services. I guess that people will decide which one to buy depending on price. So let’s begin with Apple’s tablet whose pricing starts at $499.00 and goes up to $829.00. Now the tricky thing with the Galaxy S is that nothing has come up yet indicating prices. So we move swiftly onto Toshibas Folio 100 and this will set you back £429.00. So in dollars that will be $662.54.

So there you have it, the main details on Apple’s main Tablet competitors.

Now which one will you buy?