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Tackle Time to Market challenge head on – With CADSTAR Schematic Free Download

recognizes that time to market is a critical factor in the day to day
work of design teams within the product development process.  To
support this the development team for CADSTAR, Zuken’s powerful PCB
design solution, is inviting design engineers to experience the latest
CADSTAR Schematic Design Tool and Library Editor as a
free download
for a limited period of time, commencing January 5, 2009 until 31 March
2009.  This unlimited and non expiring copy of CADSTAR 11 Schematic
Design Tool will allow the whole design team to explore the benefits of
CADSTAR’s integrated design flow opportunities.

advise the designs themselves are becoming more and more complex, to
the extent that passing on critical design information between the
members of the design team, each often using individual design tools,
can be time consuming and allows design errors.

What's New in CADSTAR 11

CADSTAR 11, New Enhancements

Introducing CADSTAR 11, Zuken’s PCB design revolution